Visiting Scientist from Ukraine Works in Our Group for Four Months

copyVasylyna Kirianchuk, graduate student from Department of Organic Chemistry at Lviv Polytechnic National University works for four months in Voronov’s group at Coatings and Polymeric Materials Department. This is Vasylyna’s second visit of NDSU, while she is working on her thesis in Ukrainian institution. This time Vasylyna’s goal is to investigate kinetics of emulsion polymerization of plant oil-based monomers with vinyl acetate and methyl methacrylate in order to determine mechanism on latex particles formation, as well as how presence of the developed in Voronov’s group at NDSU highly hydrophobic vinyl monomers from plant oils impact emulsion polymerization mechanism and final latex properties.


Book Chapter Published

Book chapterOur work, “Anticancer Efficiency of Curcumin-Loaded Invertible Polymer Micellar Nanoassemblies”(authors I.Hevus, A.Voronov, M.J.Yaszemski, A.Maran, A.Kohut, S.Voronov S.Voronov) is published in a book entitled Nanostructures for Cancer Therapy edited by Anton Ficai and Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu. University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania. Published by Elsevier book is the 4th volume of the series Therapeutic Nanostructures. The Volume contains 30 chapters prepared by international researchers that work on the design of innovative and more efficient anticancer nanostructured drug delivery systems and drugs. Recent progress, along with relevant challenges, proposed solutions and current limitations of nanotechnology in the development of anticancer agents are discussed in the book and numerous examples are given



Oksana, Zoriana and Kyle present at ND EPSCoR State Conference

Our group members participate and present posters on their research during Annual ND EPSCoR State Conference in Fargo,ND on April,12. Kyle’s poster title is Effect of plant oil unsaturation on emulsion copolymerization with vinyl monomers, Oksana presents on 1H NMR Study on Polymer-Peptide Mixed Micelles for Adjuvant Application, Zoriana’s poster title is Synthesis of Plant Oil-based Latex es for Coating Applications.


EPSCoR program represents a federal-jurisdictional partnership to enhance STEM science, education, and broader impact capabilities of jurisdictions that traditionally receive smaller amounts of federal R&D funds. Through EPSCoR, participating jurisdictions are building a high-quality, university-based research effort that is serving as the backbone of their scientific and technological enterprise, capable of ensuring a strong and stable economic base into the next century. For more details,

Zoriana, Oksana, Kyle present at ACS Spring Meeting

Kyle Kingsley, Zoriana Demchuk, and Oksana Zholobko present their research at various symposia during 253rd American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco, CA on April, 2-6. There will be 2 oral and 4 poster presentations by members of our group at this year ACS Spring meeting. Kyle’s oral presentation is entitled Emulsion copolymerization kinetics of plant oil-based monomers. He presents at symposium New Horizons in Sustainable Materials organized by Division of Cellulose and Renewable Materials. At the same symposium, Zoriana talks about her research on Plant oil-Based Acrylic Monomers for Free Radical Polymerization. All posters brought by our group members to San Francisco are presented at joint POLY-PMSE session of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE) and Polymer Chemistry Division (POLY). Kyle’s poster is entitled Effect of plant oil unsaturation on emulsion copolymerization with vinyl monomers, Zoriana presents on Synthesis of latexes from Plant oil-based acrylic monomers, titles of Oksana’s two posters are Mixed Micellar Assembles as Polymer Adjuvants for Peptide Administration and 1H NMR Study on Polymer-Peptide Mixed Micelles for Adjuvant Application. For more details,