Research on Colloidosomes will be highlighted

Our research topic on colloidosomes from peroxidized pickering emulsions will be highlighted on a cover page of Coatings journal. Article entitled “Synthesis of Covalently Cross-Linked Colloidosomes from Peroxidized Pickering Emulsions (N. Popadyuk, A. Popadyuk, I.Tarnavchyk, O. Budishevska, A. Kohut, A. Voronov, S.Voronov) has been recently published in Coatings, Special Issue on Thin Polymer Films, and is chosen as the cover story for Issue 4 (Volume 6) of the journal.

Voronov becomes Editor-in-Chief in International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Nanotechnology (IJTAN)

Andriy Voronov is honored to become Editor-in-Chief in International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Nanotechnology (IJTAN) published by Avestia Publishing. IJTAN is an open access high quality peer-reviewed journal, and publishes research and review papers related to: nanobiomechanics, nanobiotechnology, nanocatalysis, nanoelectronics, nanographene, nanomaterials, nanomedicine and drug delivery, nanotechnology and agriculture, nanotechnology and coating, nanotechnology and education, nanotechnology and energy, nanotechnology and environment, nanotechnology and polymers, products and markets in nanotechnology, risk assessment and standardization, social aspects of nanotechnology such as ethics, tissue engineering. For more details,