Two Book Chapters Published

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Our work, Synthesis of Amphiphilic Invertible Polymers for Biomedical Applications (authors A.Kohut, I.Hevus, S.Voronov, A.Voronov) is published in a book entitled Polymers for Biomedicine: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications, edited by Carmen Scholz, University of Alabama in Huntsville. Published by John Wiley & Sons book highlights recent developments in polymer synthesis, and focuses on the chemical techniques to synthesize and characterize biomedically relevant polymers and macromolecules. The books targets aids researchers developing polymers and materials for biomedical applications.

Our another work, Enzymogel Nanoparticles Chemistry for Highly Efficient Phase Boundary Biocatalysis (authors A. Kohut, S.W. Pryor, A.Voronov, S.Minko) is published in Biocatalysis and Nanotechnology, edited by Peter Grunwald, University of Hamburg. Published by CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group book provides insights of fundamental knowledge of nanobiocatalysis and provides a detailed overview of its application potential by considering theoretical as well as experimental aspects of the respective research fields.


Two Papers Published

Our work, Features of Emulsion Copolymerization for Plant Oil-Based VinylCover image Industrial Crops and Products Monomers and Styrene (authors K.Kingsley, O.Shevchuk, Z. Demchuk, S.Voronov, A.Voronov) is published in Industrial Crops and Products journal (Elsevier). Industrial Crops and Products is an international journal publishing academic and industrial research on industrial (defined as non-food/non-feed) crops and products. For more details,


Our other work, 1H NMR Study of “Host-Guest” Interactions of Micellar Assemblies from Amphiphilic Invertible Polymers and Peptides (authors A.Kohut, O.Zholobko, I.Hevus, A.Voronov) is published in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics journal (Wiley).  Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics journal publishes in all areas of polymer science – from chemistry, physical chemistry, and physics of polymers to polymers in materials science. For more details,








Book Chapter Published

Book chapterOur work, “Anticancer Efficiency of Curcumin-Loaded Invertible Polymer Micellar Nanoassemblies”(authors I.Hevus, A.Voronov, M.J.Yaszemski, A.Maran, A.Kohut, S.Voronov S.Voronov) is published in a book entitled Nanostructures for Cancer Therapy edited by Anton Ficai and Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu. University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania. Published by Elsevier book is the 4th volume of the series Therapeutic Nanostructures. The Volume contains 30 chapters prepared by international researchers that work on the design of innovative and more efficient anticancer nanostructured drug delivery systems and drugs. Recent progress, along with relevant challenges, proposed solutions and current limitations of nanotechnology in the development of anticancer agents are discussed in the book and numerous examples are given



Research on Colloidosomes will be highlighted

Our research topic on colloidosomes from peroxidized pickering emulsions will be highlighted on a cover page of Coatings journal. Article entitled “Synthesis of Covalently Cross-Linked Colloidosomes from Peroxidized Pickering Emulsions (N. Popadyuk, A. Popadyuk, I.Tarnavchyk, O. Budishevska, A. Kohut, A. Voronov, S.Voronov) has been recently published in Coatings, Special Issue on Thin Polymer Films, and is chosen as the cover story for Issue 4 (Volume 6) of the journal.

New Recent Publications

Our work, “Curcumin and Osteosarcoma: Can Invertible Polymeric Micelles Help?” (authors A.Maran, M.J.Yaszemski, A.Kohut, A.Voronov) is published as an invited minireview in Materials. This is another publication of our group written in collaboration with Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Published by MDPI, Materials is an open access journal and focuses on various aspects of materials science and engineering, including ceramics, glasses, polymers (plastics), semiconductors, magnetic materials, medical implant materials and biological materials, etc.

Two our recently published papers describe plant oil-based monomers research. Our work, “Free Radical Polymerization Behavior of the Vinyl Monomers from Plant Oil Triglycerides” (authors Z.Demchuk, O.Shevchuk, I.Tarnavchyk, V.Kirianchuk, A.Kohut, S.Voronov, A.Voronov) is published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. This journal focuses on investigations exploring advancements, principles and approaches of green chemistry and green engineering including alternative energy, green manufacturing, biomass resources and wastes resources, etc.

Following work on this topic, Free-Radical Copolymerization Behavior of Plant-Oil-Based Vinyl Monomers and Their Feasibility in Latex Synthesis” (authors Z.Demchuk, O.Shevchuk, I.Tarnavchyk, V.Kirianchuk, A.Kohut, S.Voronov, A.Voronov) is published in ACS Omega. It is the newest open access journal from the American Chemical Society which offers researchers in various fields of chemistry and chemistry-related fields the opportunity to quickly publish new and original multidisciplinary peer reviewed research.

Our work, “Synthesis of Covalently Cross-Linked Colloidosomes from Peroxidized Pickering Emulsions (N. Popadyuk, A. Popadyuk, I.Tarnavchyk, O. Budishevska, A. Kohut, A. Voronov, S.Voronov) is published in Coatings. Special Issue on Thin Polymer Films. Published by MDPI, Coatings is an open access journal of coatings and surface engineering.

In collaboration with Department of Organic Chemistry at Lviv Polytechnic National University in Ukraine, paper entitled “Synthesis and self-assembling of amphiphilic oligoesters on the base of pyromellitic acid” appeared in Chemistry and Chemical Technology Journal, published by Lviv Polytechnic National University in Ukraine.

Book Chapter published

Our work, “Amphiphilic Invertible Polymers and Their Applications”, (authors A.Kohut, I.Hevus, S.Voronov, A.Voronov) is published in a book entitled Industrial Applications for Intelligent Polymers and Coatings edited by Majid Hosseini and Abdel Salam Hamdy Makhlouf, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Department, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Published by Springer book covers basic and fundamental aspects of intelligent polymers and coatings, challenges, potential mechanisms and properties, classification and composition, synthesis, characterization and processing of intelligent polymers and smart coatings, bioactive and electroactive polymers and coatings, and stimuli responses of intelligent polymers and smart coatings.