Research on Colloidosomes will be highlighted

Our research topic on colloidosomes from peroxidized pickering emulsions will be highlighted on a cover page of Coatings journal. Article entitled “Synthesis of Covalently Cross-Linked Colloidosomes from Peroxidized Pickering Emulsions (N. Popadyuk, A. Popadyuk, I.Tarnavchyk, O. Budishevska, A. Kohut, A. Voronov, S.Voronov) has been recently published in Coatings, Special Issue on Thin Polymer Films, and is chosen as the cover story for Issue 4 (Volume 6) of the journal.

Voronov Reviews Proposal for Romanian Research Agency

Andriy Voronov was invited to participate in the review process of the proposals submitted to The Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding of Romania (UEFISCDI). It is a public institution subordinated to the Romanian Ministry of National Education with functional attributions to Ministry advisory councils in higher education and research. Mission of UEFISCDI is to promote quality and leadership for higher education, research, development and innovation, being responsible for implementation of the national methodological framework for financial resources allocation ( UEFISCDI pursues three-stage proposal evaluation procedure, including reviewers panel at the end for making final decision on proposal recommendation. Two proposals were assigned for Voronov’s review during fall 2016 submission window.

New National Science Foundation Grant Awarded for Biofuel Research

New funding of up to $191,970 is received from National Sciensfnce Foundation (CBET) for the project “Collaborative Research: Engineering of Recoverable Cellulosomes for Biofuel Conversion, National Science Foundation” The main goal of this research is to engineer and study engineered recoverable cellulosomes as nanobiocatalytic capsules (NBCs) that accommodate diverse cellulolytic enzymes in a polymeric shell (spherical polymer brush) securing synergistic action of enzymes. The research aims to produce NBCs that combine several biocatalytic enzymes in a polymer phase confined to the surface of superparamagnetic core particles. These artificial biocatalytically active nanostructures will mimic natural cellulosomes both in efficacy and diverse enzyme localization. This project begins July,1,2016. Voronov’s group will work in collaboration with a group of Dr. Scott Pryor (Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, NDSU) as well as two groups at University of Georgia (Dr.Sergiy Minko and Dr.Breeanna Urbanowicz).

In August 2016 our group joins a large collaborative effort, Innovative and Strategic Program Initiatives for Research and Education-North Dakota INSPIRE North Dakota funded by National Science Foundation EPSCoR RII Track-1. The group’s sub-project is entitled asWaterborne Polymeric Materials from Plant Oils” and targets development of novel waterborne polymeric materials (latexes, dispersions, emulsions etc.) from plant oils for coatings, paints, adhesives etc. This projects continues through June,30,2019 with a current year funding of $111,663.

Several projects end on December,31,2016 including ND Research Venture Grant Phase I “Nanospheres to provide commercially important new properties to paints and coatings” , as well as two funded by United Soybean Board grants, “New Polymeric Materials from Soy-Based Monomers and Vinyl Acetate” and “Novel Soy-Based Nonionic Surfactants, United Soybean Board”. In addition, no-cost six months extension is requested for the project entitled “New polymer adjuvants for peptide vaccines”, funded by Agricultural Product Utilization Commission of ND DOC (current end date, March,1st, 2017).

Voronov’s keynote presentation and invited presentation at international conferences

Andriy Voronov gives a keynote presentation entitled New Polymers and Polymer Materials based on Plant Oils at 7th International Conference on Nanotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications (ICNFA) in Budapest, Hungary on August, 18-19, 2016. ICNFA is a part 2nd World Congress on New Technologies, NewTech’16, composed of three different conferences hold simultaneously. At this event, Voronov also served as a Chair for the Congress. For more details about this conference

Meeting in Budapest was followed by 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Biopolymers and Bioplastics in San Antonio, Texas on September, 12-14, 2016, where invited talk on Free Radical Polymerization of Acrylic Monomers from Plant Oils was presented by Voronov. More information on this meeting can be found at

Visiting Scientist worked in our group and Mayo Clinic for four months

Dr. Vitalii Serdiuk from Department of Organic Chemistry at09d6c4db81f66bc6f39e03ccff1ebf8b6af78f98b5d1247b63pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Lviv Polytechnic National University spent four months working in a group of Dr. Yaszemski (under guidance of Dr. Maran) at Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, as well as in our group at NDSU.
Vitalii worked on studying interactions between polymeric micellar assemblies and both human normal and cancerous cells for understanding their mechanisms, with an idea and purpose to further demonstrate feasibility of synthesized in our group amphiphilic invertible polymers and their micellar assemblies in development of polymeric delivery carriers for poorly water soluble drugs.

Voronov named a Chair of World Congress on New Technologies in 2017

Voronov is honored to be named a Chair of the 3rd World Congress on New Technologies (NewTech’17) in Rome, Italy. This congress will be taking place on June, 6-8, 2017 and is composed of four co-located conferences, 8th International Conference on Nanotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications (ICNFA’17), 7th International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation (ICEPR’17), 3rd International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering (ICBB’17) and International Conference on Energy Research and Technology (ICERT’17). Each conference consists of an individual separate topic, but all of them share considerable overlap which is a basic idea for organizing this congress. The main goal is to bring together experts in various disciplines and fields from closely related but still different research areas.
For details about this congress visit
In addition, prior to congress opening, a workshop on Smart Nano-objects for Alteration of Lipid bilayers (SNAL) will be organized and presented to congress attendees. For more information on the workshop visit

Voronov becomes Editor-in-Chief in International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Nanotechnology (IJTAN)

Andriy Voronov is honored to become Editor-in-Chief in International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Nanotechnology (IJTAN) published by Avestia Publishing. IJTAN is an open access high quality peer-reviewed journal, and publishes research and review papers related to: nanobiomechanics, nanobiotechnology, nanocatalysis, nanoelectronics, nanographene, nanomaterials, nanomedicine and drug delivery, nanotechnology and agriculture, nanotechnology and coating, nanotechnology and education, nanotechnology and energy, nanotechnology and environment, nanotechnology and polymers, products and markets in nanotechnology, risk assessment and standardization, social aspects of nanotechnology such as ethics, tissue engineering. For more details,