Visiting Scientist from Ukraine Works in Our Group for Four Months

copyVasylyna Kirianchuk, graduate student from Department of Organic Chemistry at Lviv Polytechnic National University works for four months in Voronov’s group at Coatings and Polymeric Materials Department. This is Vasylyna’s second visit of NDSU, while she is working on her thesis in Ukrainian institution. This time Vasylyna’s goal is to investigate kinetics of emulsion polymerization of plant oil-based monomers with vinyl acetate and methyl methacrylate in order to determine mechanism on latex particles formation, as well as how presence of the developed in Voronov’s group at NDSU highly hydrophobic vinyl monomers from plant oils impact emulsion polymerization mechanism and final latex properties.


Visiting Scientist worked in our group and Mayo Clinic for four months

Dr. Vitalii Serdiuk from Department of Organic Chemistry at09d6c4db81f66bc6f39e03ccff1ebf8b6af78f98b5d1247b63pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Lviv Polytechnic National University spent four months working in a group of Dr. Yaszemski (under guidance of Dr. Maran) at Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, as well as in our group at NDSU.
Vitalii worked on studying interactions between polymeric micellar assemblies and both human normal and cancerous cells for understanding their mechanisms, with an idea and purpose to further demonstrate feasibility of synthesized in our group amphiphilic invertible polymers and their micellar assemblies in development of polymeric delivery carriers for poorly water soluble drugs.

Two Visiting Scientists join our group for four months

Dr.Oleg Shevchuk and Dr.Ananiy Kohut, both Senior Research Scientists from Department of Organic Chemistry at Lviv Polytechnic National University join our research group at NDSU for 4 months as Visiting Researchers. Oleg works on synthesis, characterization and polymerization of new vinyl monomers of free radical polymerization from plant oils. Ananiy continues his work on conjugation of proteins and pseudo poly(amino acids) to study polymer – peptide interactions and develop new polymer adjuvants.