Zoriana and Oksana shared Best Poster Award

Congratulations to Graduate Students, Zoriana Demchuk and Oksana Zholobko, for winning the Best Poster award at Fiber Society 2017 Fall Meeting and 2nd International Symposium on Materials from Renewables (ISMR) held jointly in Athens, GA on campus of University of Georgia, November, 8-10.


Our Group Attends Fiber Society Fall Meeting 2017 in Athens, GA

Graduate students Oksana Zholobko and Zoriana Demchuk present their research at The Fiber Society 2017 Fall Meeting and 2nd International Symposium on Materials from Renewables (ISMR) to be held at University of Georgia on November, 8-10. Oksana’s oral presentation features the results on Enhancing Delivery and Immune Response of Peptide Vaccine by Polymer-Peptide Mixed Micellar Assemblies. She also presents a poster entitled Polymeric Cellulosomes for Cellulose Bioconversion. Zoriana’s poster presentation title is Plant oil-based Acrylic Monomer for Free Radical Polymerization and Their Feasibility for Latex Synthesis. At the ISMR’18, Voronov gives an invited presentation entitled Emulsion Polymerization of Plant Oil-Derived Vinyl Monomers. For more details, https://www.thefibersociety.org/

Organized annually, the ISMR confISMRerences target one of the major current trends in making new advanced materials for global markets—sustainable materials, made with and/or from natural and renewable material ingredients. The ISMR organizers at UGA and NDSU consider this event as an important platform to discuss bio-based materials, a growing area of development as researchers and industries seek alternatives to petroleum-based products.

For more details on 3rd ISMR to be held in Fargo, ND on NDSU campus in July,2018, see https://www.ndsu.edu/conferences/ismr/

Two Papers Published

Our work, Features of Emulsion Copolymerization for Plant Oil-Based VinylCover image Industrial Crops and Products Monomers and Styrene (authors K.Kingsley, O.Shevchuk, Z. Demchuk, S.Voronov, A.Voronov) is published in Industrial Crops and Products journal (Elsevier). Industrial Crops and Products is an international journal publishing academic and industrial research on industrial (defined as non-food/non-feed) crops and products. For more details,https://doi.org/10.1016/j.indcrop.2017.08.043


Our other work, 1H NMR Study of “Host-Guest” Interactions of Micellar Assemblies from Amphiphilic Invertible Polymers and Peptides (authors A.Kohut, O.Zholobko, I.Hevus, A.Voronov) is published in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics journal (Wiley).  Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics journal publishes in all areas of polymer science – from chemistry, physical chemistry, and physics of polymers to polymers in materials science. For more details, https://doi.org/10.1002/macp.201700344








Symposium on Biotechnology, Nanomaterials and Polymers in Fargo

Zoriana, Kyle, Ihor and Oksana are involved in poster presentation session at 3rd NDSU–KU (Kagoshima University, Japan) symposium organized by NDSU Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. This annual symposium is held on October,12file-1 (1)-13 and focuses on three key areas of biotechnology, nanomaterials, and polymers. There are about 20 oral presentations in the symposium schedule, as well as two one hour poster sessions featuring work of undergraduate and graduate students from KU and NDSU on about 50 posters. Titles of poster presentations with members of our group are Features of Plant Oil-Based, Hydrophobic Monomers in Emulsion Copolymerization (is presented by Kyle), Vaccination of Pigs with improved HA and M2e Epitope Based Amphiphilic Invertible Polymeric Peptide Vaccine against Swine Influenza Viruses (is presented by Gagandeep Singh. Microbiological Sciences, NDSU, Oksana is a coauthor), Linear Resins for Coating Applications via Free-Radical Polymerization of Plant Oil Based Monomers (is presented by Ihor), Feasibility for Plant Oil-Based Acrylic Monomer in Latex Synthesis (is presented by Zoriana). For more details about this meeting, see  https://www.ndsu.edu/chemistry/ndsu-ku-symposium.html

New Funding Awarded for Plant Oil-Based Polymers Research

New funding of up to $106,647 is received from United Soybean Board for the project New High Oleic Oil (HOSO)-Based Latexes for Coatings and Paints. The main goal of this project is to show feasibility for biobased latexes, prepared from novel monomer originated from high oleic soybean oil, using its emulsion copolymerization with petroleum-based counterparts. This project begins October,1,2017. Another new grant (starts on September,1st) is received from ND Department of Commerce (ND DOC) Agricultural Product Utilization Commission (funding of up $25,000). This project targets at determining the feasibility of monomers from linseed, sunflower (SFM) and canola (CLM) oil to be used for synthesis of vegetable oil-based latexes. Specific aims include evaluating the monomers for latex synthesis. Besides, our group continues to be a part of a large collaborative effort, Innovative and Strategic Program Initiatives for Research and Education-North Dakota INSPIRE North Dakota funded by National Science Foundation EPSCoR RII Track-1. The group’s sub-project is entitled asWaterborne Polymeric Materials from Plant Oils” and targets development of novel waterborne polymeric materials (latexes, dispersions, emulsions etc.) from plant oils for coatings, paints, adhesives etc. This project continues through June,30,2019.

The project entitled “New polymer adjuvants for peptide vaccines”, funded by Agricultural Product Utilization Commission of ND DOC ends on September,30st.

Our Group Participates in ACS Fall Meeting 2017

Kyle Kingsley presents his research during 254th American Chemical Society meeting in Washington, DC on August, 20-24. Kyle’s oral presentation is entitled Phenomenology of plant oil-based monomers in emulsion polymerization. He presents this work at symposium Green Polymer Chemistry: Biobased Materials and Biocatalysis, co-organized by Division of Cellulose and Renewable Materials, Polymer Materials Science and Engineering and Agricultural Food Chemistry Division. At the ACS Fall meeting in Washington, Voronov gives an invited presentation at Roy W Tess Award Symposium in honor of Stuart Croll organized by Polymer Materials Science and Engineering Division. Voronov’s presentation title is Emulsion Copolymerization of plant oil-based monomers and styrene: Kinetics and Mechanism. Another presentation featuring work done by our group members is presented by colleagues from Department of Chemistry at Indiana University. Paige Price working under supervision of Dr. Lyudmila Bronstein presents a poster Development of efficient hyperthermia/drug delivery agents based on functionalized superparamagnetic nanoparticles at Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry poster session.

For more details, https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/meetings.html